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How Biletino Blog Gained 182,000 Visitors and 8.5 Million Impressions in 6 Months?

Biletino Blog achieved incredible success, gaining 182,000 visitors and 8.5 million impressions in just 6 months. Discover the secrets behind their success!

Biletino Blog Case Study
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Biletino, one of Turkey’s leading brands in the event ticket sector, has sold millions of tickets since 2012. Knowing that will have more potential traffic with content marketing, Biletino team contacted Blog Team. Together, we planned a meeting to discuss how to design Biletino Blog and how much potential it has.

Biletino Blog Case Studies

First of all, we conducted research on the potential target audience of the events on Biletino. After analyzing demographic and geographical data, we created Biletino Blog‘s keyword strategy. Based on these keywords, we determined the categories we will create on Biletino Blog. We designed a blog interface that is compatible with Biletino’s corporate identity colors and can be opened easily and quickly. Then we created the content topics of the first month, taking into account the current event data from the Biletino team. After all these, we added Biletino Blog’s topic lists to our calendar in Blog Team Workspace.

Blog What is Team Workspace?

BT Workspace, developed by Blog Team, is a SaaS software that enables many teams to follow content marketing strategies in a common area, comment and view the processes instantly.

Traffic Generated on Biletino Blog

182,000 Unique Visitors and 8.58 Mn impressions in the first 6 months and an Average Position of 8.2, a very effective work was carried out in content marketing. In order to enable potential customers to buy event tickets, CTA buttons were used to redirect to the current event lists and an internal link network was created and a very efficient work was carried out both on Biletino Blog and on the links to Biletino.

What has been done on Biletino Blog?

Increased organic traffic on Biletino Blog was not limited to CTA conversions and visual ad spaces were created. By updating the featured events of each month in these visual ads, conversions were increased x5 times and more conversions were realized. By analyzing user data, links were added to the heavily clicked areas to increase conversion and make it easier for the user to reach the target.

How Blog Team Offers Premium Content Marketing Solutions?

The Blog Team is a team of content writers, SEO Specialists and software developers with more than 10 years of experience in the field, working together very efficiently. By understanding the brand’s products and services and working together with different departments of the brand on the Blog Team Workspace, the Blog Team creates effective results.

What Does Blog Team Do Different?

  • Blog Team has a highly skilled team in creating and managing blog infrastructure. In this way, brands do not need to spend extra personnel resources for blog management. Blog Team carries out all processes from the creation of content strategies to visual optimization and publishing content at scheduled times.
  • Blog Team provides industry-specific solutions by analyzing user behavior with heat maps and making updates and improvements that will increase potential conversion on blogs. Blog Team also provides highly effective support for backup and server optimization by taking monthly backups of blogs.
  • Stock images are optimized, sized and named in Blog Team’s content marketing efforts. By selecting effective images that are compatible with the subject, highly efficient results are achieved in Visual SEO.
  • Blog Team offers blog content that is supported by topics that readers will enjoy reading and visuals that are effective enough to make them revisit the blog. The goal is not just traffic, but content that adds value to the reader.

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